My TCS Codevita Interview Experience

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About Codevita:

TCS codevita is a coding contest which contains 6 questions to be solved in 6 hours. Pre-qualifier round for zone 2 was held on 13 July 2019. I have solved 3 questions and cleared pre-qualifier round and my rank is 1200. After 1 week I got mail from TCS to come for direct interview at TCS Synergy park Hyderabad.

Codevita Certificate

Codevita Certificate

My reporting time is 2:00PM. I was waiting in the waiting room for my turn. After 2 and 1/2 long hours my turn came.

Interview Experience:

1. Technical Round:

TR: Good afternoon! Can I ask based on resume or general topics? (Shocked by seeing my resume and projects)

Me: Good afternoon sir, you can ask based on resume

TR: Tell me the sequence of headlines you mentioned on resume

Me: Told all the things except objective and technical skills

TR: You missed two most important things “objective and technical skills”, just kidding 😊

Me: 😊

TR: Introduce yourself

Me: Hi I am Praneeth, I am currently pursuing my graduation in JNTUA College of Engineering, Pulivendula with overall CGPA of 8.5.

Along with my studies, I completed NPTEL and Coursera Python certifications with 87% and 95% respectively. I have represented Andhra Pradesh in India Skills 2018 National competition and won medallion of excellence in IT Software Solutions for Business Skill held at New Delhi.

I am a competitive programmer, I stood in top 10 among 1000+ coders in HackerEarth Web design & development contest

And also I am a Python & full stack developer too, I have developed 7 projects ranging from my college website to an eSports platform using frontend frameworks Bootstrap and backend Laravel along with MySQL and a telegram bot.


You have to describe your studies, certificates, projects and your best achievements (Try to avoid telling about family because they don’t have time to listen and they act like they are not listening to your words to test your patience. So be patient)

TR: You mentioned c and python. So tell me the difference between these two

Me: Told some differences with smiling face and maintaining eye contact (smiling and eye contact is must)

TR: So tell me which is powerful “C or Python”

Me: Based on requirement we have to choose a language. For example in developing OS c is powerful where as for machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence python is powerful. Python is also build using C.  So we have to choose a language based on our requirements.

TR: Good point. So tell me real world examples of machine learning and artificial intelligence

Me: In Amazon while purchasing a product, it suggests buy together and save money. Another example is in Amazon music prime while listening a song based on your interest it will suggest similar category song (like item songs, love songs). These are the basic real world examples where machine learning and artificial intelligence works. (Try to explain daily life examples you have seen, avoid telling examples which you have not seen because next question will be asked based on your answer)

TR: Okay good. Tell me what is algorithm

Me: Told definition of algorithm.

TR: So why we use algorithms. What is main purpose of it.

Me: Told main uses of algorithms, why we use it

TR: What is time and space complexity?

Me: Told the definitions and notations used for best, worst and average case.

TR: (after reading entire resume) You mentioned Git in resume so explain about Git and how it works.

Me: Explained everything about Git, uses of the Git and said about websites where I used Git and explained everything.

TR: Tell me the commands you used in Git

Me: Told all the command I have known

TR: Tell me the parameters we need to pass for Git Clone command.

Me: Told all the mandatory and optional parameters and explained what will happen when we pass that parameters.

About 10 Minutes all the question on Git based on what I told. For example if I said a new word like pull,

then he would ask explain pull command, like that almost 10 minutes he tested my knowledge on Git and I answered correctly and confidently. So he understood that I have good knowledge on Git. Then he shifted to Full Stack now ( I mentioned full stack in resume)

TR:  I am using java Spring and SAP Hana. So explain full stack using these.

Me: I explained full stack using bootstrap and laravel framework.

 About 5 minutes the interview is about full stack and projects I have done.

So TR Round Completed

2. Managerial Round:

MR: How do you prove you have managerial and leadership skills

Me: I am the Team leader and developer of my college website and I am also anti ragging committee member. (Explain your leadership skills)

And she asked similar questions and I answered them (about 2-3 min). And she asked about the suicide incident done yesterday to judge the owner of cafe coffee day. In my interview TR & MR round combined, They said good and wait for HR round.

I was waiting outside for next round. After 2 minutes I got a call to attend HR Round

3. HR Round Questions:

Tell me about yourself

Asked about certifications I have completed.

Asked about projects I have mentioned in resume.

Any job location preferences?

Which domain you want to work?

If we place you in a domain which you don’t know what you will do?

Where you want to see yourself in next 5 years?

What would you do if other tech company like Microsoft offers high package job?

Do you know our service agreement?

Why TCS?

Why we should hire you?

After these type of question she said good and leave for the day with smiling face.

That’s it my interview completed.

Note: Don’t panic, be confident and maintain smiling face, eye contact with interviewers.

After 10 days of my interview I got mail from TCS that I was selected for TCS Ninja role.

TCS Codevita Result

TCS Codevita Result

If I am the top performer in above interview among others, I will get a call to attend second interview for TCS digital role within 45 days. I hope I will get that mail.

And also I got a mail for Round 2 Coding contest. If I crack this round I will get a TCS Innovator offer (higher package than digital role)

Round 2 mail

Round 2 mail

My Resume link: View

My LinkedIn profile link: Praneeth Kumar Reddy Ballarapu