HackWithInfy Interview Experience

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About HackWithInfy:

#HackWithInfy is a contest for all engineering students across India who are graduating in the year 2020 to inculcate the culture of rapid problem-solving and innovative thinking from early on. It provides the perfect stepping stone for students to explore their passion for programming, and an opportunity to compete and earn a chance to work with Infosys.

#HackWithInfy comprises three rounds with Round 1 and Round 2 as online tests and a Grand Finale with a 24-hour hackathon at Infosys Pune. 

Those who qualify for two Rounds will be given an opportunity for System Engineer role or System Engineer Specialist role or Power Programming role.

Here Round 1 comprise of three coding questions.

Round 2 questions also comprise of three coding questions.

I executed two questions in Round 1.

In Round 2 ,I almost executed two questions.

Then I got a mail to attend Pre Placement Interview for System Engineer Specialist or System Engineer in Tirupathi on 12-08-2019.

I attended the interview and the interview processed as follows

After the formalities here continues


Interviewer : Tell me about yourself?

Me: I introduced about myself and provided my interests in software industry .

I also told him about my REC present project with complete details .

Interviewer: mean while he went through my resume and asked Tell about your favourite area in Technology

Me: I told him that I am presently working in python and my interest in Machine Learning.

Interviewer : what is Machine Learning ?

Me: I explained him about Machine Learning

Interviewer: Do you know about cloud computing?

He asked these question because I mentioned that in my Resume

Me: I told him about Google firebase cloud that I has used in my project to inform him that I had worked in that field.

Interviewer: Do you know about Software Development Cycle?

Me : yes I know

Interviewer : What is the most difficult phase in Software Development Cycle? and Why?

Me :I replied that according to me Requirements Gathering is the most difficult  phase and crucial phase in Software Development because requirements from customers will change at every stage during development and we have to make our project satisfying the requirements . Also added that about 80 percent of Software Development were failure because of static requirements gathering phase. And also gave him a complete explanation.

Interviewer: what is your goal in Software Industry and how would you achieve it ?

Me: I told him about goal and explained about my work towards my goal.

Interviewer : Do you have any questions?

Me: I asked how they will sort for job roles.

Me: I also asked him about any Future exams like infytq, Hackwithinfy.

Me: I also asked him couple of questions as they were confidential for their company.

He gave explanation to all the questions .

Me: Thank you sir

Interviewer: All the best .

After waiting for 3 hours they announced the list of candidates selected for System Engineer Specialist and my name is in the list.

My Resume: View

My LinkedIn Profile: Siva Bhargav